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Jesse's Shocking Claim About ‘Married At First Sight’ Bride

it had been on the cards for quite some time but finally, last night, Married At First SIght’s Jesse Konstantioff was friend zoned by Michelle Marsh.

After being dumped by the blonde in front of the nation on Tuesday night, Jess’s infatuation with the reality star really appeared to be over.

Speaking to Channel Nine’s Today show on Wednesday, Jesse claimed he was never ‘in love’ with the blonde bombshell.

When asked if he had fallen for Michelle by Karl Stefanovic, he replied 'I wouldn't go that far.’

Jesse appeared to be heartbroken over Michelle’s decision on Tuesday, telling the twin 'I will fight for us, for as long as you let me. Michelle.'

However, he has no completely backtracked on that sentiment, telling Karl and Lisa Wilkinson 'I look back at it now. I look at each other, and I think we're better off as mates.' 

He also took a little swipe at Michelle, saying that he is looking for a girlfriend that isn’t as ‘high maintenance.'

Meanwhile, the morning duo was quick to label the newly single 31-year-old as 'Australia's most eligible bachelor.' 

It looks like they have been playing along with the game while the show has aired.. and it’s well and truly over.

Married At First Sight continues on Sunday night at 7 PM on Nine.

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