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It’s Revealed A Bachelorette Was BUMPED For Sophie Monk

This morning Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive chat with our newest Bachelorette, Sophie Monk.

They spoke about Sophie’s approach the show and what she’ll be looking for in partner.

The 37-year-old has previously been unlucky in love and is hoping the show can help her to do what she’s never been able to do since finding fame with Bardot; find a normal, lovely guy.

And that’s exactly what Sophie revealed she wants to find; a lovely, kind, normal guy.

However, one thing she did inadvertently reveal is that her appointment to Australia’s newest Bachelorette may have meant that another woman missed out on her chance to find love.

There were rumours circulating that Bachelor ‘villain’ Keira Maguire was the one most likely to take the top job; no doubt a ratings ploy - but that was until Miss Monk expressed her interest.

We wonder, with all the rumours of her being offered the spot, how Keira feels about not securing the job?

Even if she was never locked in by producers, it could have been something she thought might happen!

In which case, we feel a little bad for the girl!

We look forward to seeing how it all plays out on the telly!

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