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It Really Looks Like Amber Sherlock Has Had Another Incident

Amber Sherlock is back in the headlines again after it appears another 9News guest appeared in a similar dress to her.

Just last month, Sherlock was in the news after she had demanded a Channel Nine co-worker put on a jacket after they both dressed in white.

Yesterday, Kelli rocked up in a green dress, as did Sherlock but it appears that Kellie had to put on a jacket that doesn’t go with her outfit.

While no video has been released of the behind the scenes and there was no on-air tension, social media went into overdrive with people commenting on the bad fashion choices.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford questioned whether Amber had prompted Kellie to put on her jacket, saying 'Random question. Do we think someone was politely asked to put a jacket on this afternoon?'

Another picked up that 'blue and green should never be seen without something in between'.  Meanwhile, one tweeter remarked that the outfit choice must have been made at the 'last minute'.  

Either way, it’s probably not great for Amber to be reliving it all again.. but we can’t help imagine if there was a behind the scenes chat.

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