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It Looks Like One MAFS Couple Are Set To Move In Together!

Their relationship got off to a rocky start when nurse Alene revealed she wasn’t attached to her groom Simon at their wedding.

But weeks on, she has convinced him to get his image sorted and the couple now appear to be making process but there is just one hurdle left to jump.

Where they live.

With Alene living in Sydney and her husband living in country Queensland, one of them will be forced to pack up their lives, to continue to be with the other.

However, both appear to be willing to give each other’s lives a try but a dinner date with Simon, his friends and Alene, her sister and her brother suggest it will be Alene who gets to go first.

The 31-year-old appeared to have come to terms with the move herself, noting: 'Simon's whole life is in the country, it's where he wants to be'.

'I can cut his hair but I cannot really change his whole lifestyle,' she added.

When asked if she would accept the idea of Alene moving, her sister said 'Alene is the joy of our family,' she told the group, adding: 'It will be hard for us, but we will accept it, as long as she wants to do it.'

Simon's friend Hamish quickly jumped in to welcome the reality bride, telling her to 'give it a go... you can be the joy of ours'.

There is not long left in the competition but it really looks like this one is going to work out!

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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