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I'm A Celebrity Contestant Threatens To Quit

Last night, we found out we had voted for Kris Smith and Casey Donovan to share a Valentine’s Day ‘blind date’ on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

And, it is going to be pretty amazing.

The pair will be forced to kiss on the date, but that’s probably going to be the only fun part.

The tease for the challenge shows the contestants blindfolded and 'eating their way through something special — end to end until their lips meet in the middle'. 

The challenge will involve the usual selection of bugs and promises the kiss to leave the pair giggling and gagging like nothing before.

Smith is worried that he could vomit if he has to eat something unappetizing 'I'm very afraid. I have not got the best stomach for this kind of nonsense,' he told the group.

The challenge is going to be a hard one for Kris, who said he has been struggling with hunger and admitted he is considering leaving the show.

'I feel like I'm not the upbeat self I normally am. I am just...Dead. A shadow of my former self.  I have never been this depressed in my whole life. I am not one to be down, but this is just draining me,' he said. 

Kris then went on to admit is he is considering leaving saying 'I am undecided about it, but I am pretty close, enough is enough.' 

Lisa said, 'Kris has been very low for a couple of days. He has got bad headaches. The food is not enough for his big frame. He is struggling.' 

It is thought that Kris is struggling due to the low-calorie intake of just 800 per day when he is used to consuming close to 4000.

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