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If You ALWAYS Thought Blue Ivy Looked More Jay-Z Think Again

Ever since she was born, people have looked at Blue Ivy in awe, how can one kid be SO much like their father and so little like their mother?

Blue had Jay Z’s face, feature-for-feature, but it seems that things have changed.

A new photo uploaded by Beyonce’s mum, which was actually created by a fan, shows a side-by-side of Beyonce and her first born bub, Blue.

The black and white pics show just how much the two look alike now that Blue is a little older - and I have to say, it’s uncanny how much of a mini me she is! They’re seriously identical.

Wow look what a fan did soo cute!

A post shared by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

Now the question looms, what will the new twins look like?

We can hardly wait to find out!

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