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How Belle’s Mum Died In Beauty And The Beast’ REVEALED


Ever since you were little, you’ve probably watched - and loved - Beauty and the Beast.

It’s without a doubt a classic, that spans generations - but one question has always remained the same; what happened to Belle’s mum?

We know that she passed away, we see this in the 1991 version, where we’re introduced to Belle and her single father, Maurice, but the thing that’s not explained is how she came to pass.

Which might be why scriptwriters were so keen to introduce a bit about Belle's backstory in the live-action version, you know, the Emma Watson version — because although the remake sticks closely to the original storyline, a whole scene is added to explain what happened to her mother.

You ready?

OK, so in the new film, the Enchantress leaves an atlas in the Beast's castle, which can transport the reader's mind (not body) to anywhere they want to go, at any time.

The Beast uses it to transport himself and Belle to her childhood home in Paris, where the pair find a beaked doctor's mask, used in the 17th century to treat patients suffering from bubonic plague.

It's at this point that viewers learn that Belle's mother died from the infection and begged husband Maurice to flee with their daughter, so they could avoid the Black Death.

Which makes sense, because it's how they ended up leading a "provincial life" together in the countryside.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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