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House Rules Contestants Bec Reveals Horrible Past

House Rules contestant Bec has revealed a devastating secret that they think about every day.

New South Wales based Bec has spoken about her beloved first born, who passed away 15-years-ago, 27 weeks into her pregnancy.

‘He’s with me every single day,’ she says.

‘There’s not a day that goes by that 
I don’t think of him, what he would be doing. We still talk about Zach and go and see him on his birthday. We [have] a cake and we let some balloons go.’

The account manager says she is keen to share her story in the hope that she can help other mothers realise there is a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

‘It happens – it’s very common,’ she says. But 39- year-old Bec admits that the birth of her younger children – Hayley, 14, and Josh, 11 – helped ease her tragic pain.

‘Hayley and Josh came very quickly after him,’ she remembers of that time.

‘I look at Hayley and Josh, and they’re my angels given back from him.’

The Sydneysider was a single mum for eight years before meeting her partner Troy.

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