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HOLY SH*T: The Office Is Coming Back To Our Screens

Well it looks like The Office of a well renowned paper company is heading back into production!

No not the silly little UK version, the AMERICAN VERSION! That's right, Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch is back open for business baby!

TVLine is reporting that NBC is reviving their hilarious mockumentary about the lives of people working for a struggling paper company, The Office!

The Office ended back in 2013 after a whopping nine seasons, though many may say that the show really ended in 2011 when Steve Carell left the show...Dunder Mifflin was NOTHING without its boss Michael Scott.

Some of the original cast are expected to return to the show along with some new characters, who will likely be just as weird and wacky as the old crew...though surely no one will beat the weirdness that is Dwight.

No word yet on which original cast members will be making an appearance apart from the DEVASTATING news that Steve Carell won't be making a return to the beloved series...apparently he's like a major Hollywood star now or something and doesn't have time to run a paper company...

And people are seriously pissed about it.

Nevertheless the plan for a remake of the show is going ahead, and this is likely due to the success that NBC has had with the recent revival of Will and Grace which returned to air more than 10 years after production first finished.

But hello NBC, try doing Will and Grace without Grace...then you can decide how popular The Office will be without Michael Scott...

Oh who are we kidding we're still going to watch it! But let's just take some time now to commemorate some of our favourite, classic Michael Scott moments.

*Cue The Office theme song*

1) The one and only joke that he seemed to know and would say almost every single episode...



2) Every time that he was our spirit animal



3) His insane hatred for Toby from HR


4) His unique way of giving advice


5) And of course, the fact that he was the best boss EVER


NBC have yet to comment on the revival rumours so we don't have a starting date for the series as of yet. But people are speculating that it will happen sometime next year!

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