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Holy Heck The Trailer For The New Wolverine Movie Is INSANE

Marvel are not messing around with their latest Wolverine-centric movie; the latest trailer forĀ LoganĀ dropped online and it looks INTENSE.

The flick, set in 2029, follows Hugh Jackman's Wolverine as an older, even grumpier ex X-Man, who finds himself taking care of an ailing Professor Xavier and a young girl called Laura.

Even though his healing powers are starting to fail, though, Logan becomes embroiled in one final battle as he is forced to protect the kid - who has her own Wolverine-type powers - from an organisation called Transigen.

It's dirty, dusty and seriously dark, and the clip is enough to give you chills.

While we don't have an exact date for release yet, it's looking it'll be heading our way come March.

Check it out!

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