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Hold The Phone: KJ Apa Sings IRL And Has A Secret Album

If you’ve watched Riverdale, you’d already know that KJ Apa, who plays Archie Andrews, has some impressive music skills. The boy can sing and play guitar! 

Soul child 👌🏾 #toddpritchard

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Now, it’s recently been brought to the internet’s attention that KJ has an entire full length album of original songs available on both Spotify and iTunes. 

The album is called The Third Room and was released when the man responsible for bringing Archiekins to life on the small screen was a teeny 14-years-old! 

Unlike the familiar acoustic ballads we hear on Riverdale, the album is jam packed with atmospheric electric guitar shreds. The album features 9 tracks and is described on iTunes as, “modern free-flowing fusion-rock beats with a hint of Latin rock in some tracks”.

It’s a fitting description! Now, bless your ears with some sweet KJ Apa guitar instrumentals.

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