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Happy Married At First Star HITS Out At Clare Verrall

The war of words between Married At First Sight stars Zoe Hendrix and Clare Verrall is heating up. Last night the mum to be hit out at the 33-year-old accusing her of slandering her former reality TV husband, Jono Pitman. 

Last night Zoe ranted on social media that there were ‘interesting events’ that Jono could expose about Clare, but he’s chosen to keep them under wraps. 

'Jono is not a bad guy,’ she wrote. 'I need to get this off my chest. Ok, so it didn't work out with his match for season 2 of MAFS and there are many reasons for that. He wasn't perfect but neither was she.’ she continued.


Zoe who found love with Married At First Sight partner, Alex Garner, accused Clare of airing her exes dirty laundry in public, saying she’s met Jono and there’s some ‘interesting events that he has chose to keep private.’ 

'Would we think it was ok if the roles were reversed and a guy was constantly shaming or attaching his ex in this manner?’ she questioned. 

Jono received backlash from fans after he declared at the alter: ‘oh sh*t, she’s not what I ordered.’ The couple split not long after. 

Jono has weighted in on the war or words, responding via the comments section of Zoe’s Intagram account, thanking her for the support. 

‘Thank you so much @zoehendrix you have no idea how much this means,’ he wrote. 

Now Clare has hit back, accusing the mum to be of bullying her. The 33-year-old screen shotted a private message she penned to the reality star and later posted it on her Instagram page. The caption noted how hurt she was by the comments. The post has since been deleted. 


Clare has been open with her criticism of Jono and the show in the past. Her most recent swipe at the program was auctioning off her wedding dress on eBay for an animal rescue centre.  

Rumours are flying that Clare is currently dating fellow Married At First Sight contestant Keller. Former husband Jono is also rumoured to be dating Keller's ex's like Kylie Jenner Vs Black Chyna all over again... He recently shared a photo of himself out to lunch with Nicole and Bella. 


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