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Hanson Announces 25th Anniversary World Tour

They helped us get through the 90s, with their catchy melodies and epic guitar riffs.

I’m talking about Hanson – remember brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac? How could you not? Posters of their faces (and lean bodies and long blonde) were plastered across every teenage girl’s room throughout the entire decade.


FYI - They're not little boys anymore. This is what they look like now:


Still absolute babes!

Well, the band who launched in 1992 but haven’t had a hit in quite some time, are reuniting and going on a world tour in honour of their 25th anniversary.


“Making music together for 25 years is a milestone that we had to acknowledge, and what better way to do it than with an anniversary tour," Taylor Hanson said of the decision.

“This year is not only about the two decades of music, it’s about celebrating the incredible community of fans who have been with us, singing along year after year," his brother Isaac Hanson added.

Announced on Monday, the Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary World Tour will start in the US in May, before heading to Europe in June.

So if you’re headed overseas, make sure you check them out, while the rest of us pray they decide to come Down Under too.

If you’re not going overseas don’t despair… The group is also releasing a greatest hits album called Middle Of Everywhere – The Greatest Hits and a new Christmas album called Ooh Christmas later this year so you can listen to all their hits on repeat for as long as your heart desires.

I’ve already got “MMMBop” stuck in my head…

Source: Cosmopolitan

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