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Top Three Revealed!?

We watched last night as Georgia Love gushed over front runner Courtney Dober, who up until last night's pash didn't appear to be at all interested in the stunning brunette. 

We couldn't help but sneer when Georgia ironically pointed out that she wasn't after a wannabe TV presenter or model, after sending fame wh*res Sam and Rhys packing. Has she not seen Courtney's showreel and modelings pics? He was on Getaway for goodness sake! 

Source: Twitter

Thankfully it seems the naughty Bachie producers might be trying to lead us up the garden path again. Remember the whole we'd bet our houses and the lives of our children on Richie choosing Nikki? We at Kiis are calling it early! Georgia Love is NOT going to end up with Courtney, but we're going to think so up until the very last episode. Why else would the producers have allowed Georgia to pour her heart out like that!? Either that or Courtney will sadly break the loveable journo's heart long before the final rose ceremony. 

New photos have emerged of Georgia getting cosy with contestant Jake, which greatly strength our theory. The pair shared the first date and bonded over their mother's cancer battles. 

Source: Twitter

It appears the photos which were obtained by the Daily Mail were taken during hometown dates. We're calling it early, but we reckon dark horse Jake has it in the bag. Tell us what you think in the comments.  

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