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Gary From Geordie Reveals He Can't Get A Girlfriend

He's bragged about bedding over 1,000 women, but Gary Beadle admits he's finding it hard to get a girlfriend. 

The Geordie Shore lad's last real relationship was with co star, Charlotte Crosby. But despite a trip to Australia and heavy PDA on Instagram, the couple called it quits earlier this year, following Gaz's infamous threesome on Ex on the Beach. All the while poor Charlotte was at home suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. 

But now, the Geordie lad has admitted he's looking for the one, but's concerned he may just be single forever. He told the Daily Star, "After years on the shelf I didn't realise how hard it would be to find a new girlfriend." 

Gaz admits he's even tried using Instagram to find a date, but says the girls who look like Gigi Hadid and Beyonce online, turn out to be very different in person. Even comparing the experience to an episode of Catfish.  

Once chucking Insta out the window, Gary turned to Tinder, but says once he'd finally convinced his perspective dates it was really him, all they did was ask his about his relationship with Charlotte.


The Geordie boys is so keen to find his soul mates he's created a hashtag #findgazagirlfriend for perspective women hoping to be Mrs Gary Beadle. 

Many women were quick to take to Twitter to tell Gaz they'd make his perfect match.



If you're vying for a Gaz's heart, he's revealed he's after a challenge, so don't make it too easy for him. 

We're not sure what Charlotte would make of all of this. 


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