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Freaky Friday Musical Reboot Gets First Sneak Peek

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan starred in the iconic teen movie Freaky Friday 15 years ago. And that officially makes us feel old. 

(Don't get us started on the 1976 or 1995 versions)

But never fear - a new adaptation is on its way. 

Following on from the success of Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and Harry Potter, the movie is getting a musical makeover. 

We have your first look at the new version. 

There's been no music released as yet, but the sneak peek we've been given definitely has all the teen angst. 

The scene shows an interesting meeting between the mum and daughter after their mystical body swap and a number of school teachers. 

The last line is EVERYTHING!

We can't wait for the Disney movie to be released in the US Summer - so it shouldn't be a long wait. 

But will it live up to its predecessors? 

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