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Foxtel Made A Major Blunder Last Night

Last night was a big night for Game of Thrones fans and Foxtel, with the newly released season 7 starting.

But, it wasn’t as easy to get hold of as it should have been.

Foxtel NOW is the cheapest legal way for Australians to watch the show, costing just $15 a month for a ‘pop pack’ which promises to deliver every episode at 11am and 8:30PM.

However, the service seemed to crash on Monday night due to ‘unprecedented demand’ and has left thousands angry.

Foxtel have released a statement saying “We are devastated that due to unprecedented demand, we are experiencing problems with our online services this evening.”

“We can assure you that we are doing everything we can to resolve these problems,” Foxtel responded.

The company has told customers they can still watch the Game of Thrones episode using the On-Demand features of their service as soon as the issue is resolved.

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