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Harry Potter Themed Cards Against Muggles Is Here

Potterheads: Forget Harry Potter themed Monopoly; throw away your Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit; because we have just found the ultimate Harry Potter-style game to add a teensy bit of mischief and magic to your game night.

Say hello to 'Cards Against Muggles' - A card game that is very similar to the original version 'Cards Against Humanity' in that it's positively whacky, a little bit rude and guaranteed to be hilarious - bit with a Potter themed twist.

So say you had a card that said "Do not f*** with me right now I am literally ____ right now."

In the original version you may give an answer to fill in the blank such as: "Seeing things from Hitler's perspective." Which yes, is so politically incorrect but would definitely cause you and your friends to roll on the floor in fits of giggles.

But in the Harry Potter version you may have an answer card like: "Seeing things from Voldemort's perspective right now." You get the picture?

Here are some of our favourite and most shocking examples from the game that we have seen so far. Just a warning kids, it gets a tiny bit inappropriate from here on out...

I want this game so bad #cardsagainstmuggles #harrypotter

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Too soon? #cardsagainstmuggles #hufflepuffpride

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Happy Batch-e-lor-et weekend me! Hey @t22felton what do you think? #cardsagainstmuggles

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Want to get your hands on the riddikulus pack? Cards Against Muggles can be purchased online here for $79.95.

But just a warning, just like the original version this game ain't for kids or the easily offended. So make sure when you're playing and you're done with each hilariously offensive combination, you say "mischief managed" (i.e put the cards away quick fast) otherwise anyone can read it!

Happy playing muggles!

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