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5 Ways Beauty And The Beast Is Different From The Original

Disney have blessed us with far too many classics to mention, but Beauty and the Beast definitely holds a special place in our hearts.

Which meant that, even though the set images, trailers and songs we've been sporadically treated to over the last few months POINTED to the live action remake of the same name being just as wonderful, we were still a bit sceptical.

Would Emma Watson live up to our fantasy of Belle? Would we still get goosebumps when she and Beast waltzed for the first time? Would Celine Dion's original ballad make us feel things as deeply as My Heart Will Go On did?

YES - a resounding yes - to all three. You heard it here first, guys: It is sheer perfection, from start to finish.

But while the flick sticks pretty close to the original storyline, there are a few tweaks that may surprise/ impress/ enchant you.

(We don't have to do the spoiler alert thing with you guys, do we? OK, cool.)

1. New Songs

Alan Menken and Tim Rice, the music-and-lyrics geniuses behind pretty much every one of your favourite Disney movies, are back on board for this remake, and they're bringing four brand new songs with them.

As well as the incredible originals they first penned - special shout-out to Be Our Guest for being a visual spectacle and Tale As Old As Time for giving us legit chills - we've got Celine's How Does A Moment Last Forever, performed by Belle's father Maurice, and Evermore, a "soaring ballad" sung by Beast after Belle leaves him to return to her home.

You'll also hear Our Song Lives On and Days In The Sun, the latter of which is performed by all of the animate household objects, and Ariana Grande and John Legend's version of Tale As Old As Time.

Like we said, chills.

Watch a special look at the making of @ArianaGrande & @JohnLegend's rendition of the iconic classic #BeautyAndTheBeast. #BeOurGuest

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2. Belle's Wardrobe

We already know that Emma Watson was pretty determined not to stuff Belle into traditional princess garb - no corsets here, thank you very much - but there's a thoroughly modern twist to her wardrobe. 

Belle is caught wandering around with her dress skirt tucked into her belt a couple of times, giving us a hefty flash of knickerbocker in the process, and often swaps out her trusty boots for slip-on espadrilles. 

Oh, and there's a phenomenally gorgeous ear-cuff to match the infamous yellow ballgown and a dainty pinky ring that certainly weren't there the first time round; girl can accessorise.

3. The Enchantress Doesn't Just Gift Beast A Rose

Not content to condemn an admittedly deserving Beast to eternal damnation, the Enchantress also bestows upon the former prince her "greatest torture": A beautiful, glowing book that will take him anywhere in the world. 

But, Beast explains to Belle, he never uses it; regardless of where he is, he is still what he is, trapped in a monster's body and shunned by everyone.

100 days. #BeOurGuest

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4. Belle's Mum Gets A Backstory

The book storyline provides us with another beautiful backstory, this time with Belle's mum. 

When Beast allows his "guest" to use the Enchantress' gift to go wherever her heart desires, she chooses to visit the room she lived in as a baby, before her mother died.

We won't spoil the ending, but we get a lot more of an understanding about Belle's early years, why her father is as protective as he is and how that rose motive is actually important to both Belle and Beast, for very different reasons.

5. Le Fou Gets A Boyfriend

A lot of fuss has been made about Disney's first on-screen gay scene and, while it is a bit blink-and-you'll-miss-it, it's there nonetheless.

As well as delivering some perfectly timed quips and stroking Gaston's ego, Le Fou gets his own romantic moment, locking eyes with a fellow villager on the castle dancefloor before, we'd imagine, inviting him to do whatever the 18th century version of Netflix and chill was.

Beauty and the Beast hits Australian cinemas March 23; until then, you can just keep watching the trailer, over and over again.

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