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Fans Brand Last Night's The Bachelorette The Most Awkward

Georgia Love was left questioning her relationship with Courtney Dober after a lacklustre home visit on the Bachelorette, but she finally called it quits during the cocktail party.

Dressed in an amazing red gown, Georgia confronted Courtney about their relationship she sat in the Bachelorette mansion’s garden with the man himself.

'If you're asking me do I think I can tell you that I love you at the end of this... I don't know,' Courtney admitted. 

Tearfully, Georgia responded: 'I don't think it's enough... I can't keep doing it to myself. I need to be true to what I came in here for and what I wholeheartedly believe I can and will find at the end of this.' 

'So I don't see...any point in having a Rose Ceremony tonight,' she concluded, adding: 'I think you should go now.'

Without saying anything, Courtney just stood up and walked out, leaving Georgia in tears.

Earlier in the same episode, Georgia visited Courtney in his Sydney hometown.

'I'm sick of the ambiguity. Today's make or break,' she told the camera as she embarked upon the soon-to-be horrible date.

The date turned very quickly when Georgia asked Courtney if he truly wanted a relationship.

Shaking his head and stuttering, Courtney muttered: 'I don't know'. 

'I'm just sitting there in shock. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with me. No-one wants that,' Georgia told the camera, holding back tears. 

'I can't tell you whether or not I see you and I being together in two years' time and whatnot because I just can't... I can't think that far ahead,' he admitted.  

The Bachelorette finale starts next Wednesday night at 7:30 PM on Channel Ten.

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