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Explosive Claims By Former MAFS Bride

Former Married At First Sight bride Nicole Heir has come forward and made claims that after a drunken incident with her husband Craig Keller, she felt unsafe and had to stay at a friends place after he became ‘abusive’ toward producers.

The incident happened during season three when Nicole was angry with ex-navy man Keller after he came home worse for wear from a night out.

However, the 28-year-old old teacher has now revealed that his behaviour, which she believes was caused by alcohol and pat relief medication, was such worse than we saw on TV.


Nicole has spoken to saying that he was ‘highly intoxicated’ and came home with a brand new tattoo.

“He was off work on compo [worker’s compensation], so he’d been taking strong pain relief [medication] ... with alcohol and no sleep,” Nicole explained.

“I came home from work [on Friday evening] and the house was a pigsty, there was smashed glass ... he’d been drinking all day.”

It was that at that point that Nicole reveals she asked producers to cancel the dinner party they had planned for that evening for Keller’s friends.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know if we can go ahead — he’s obviously not well,’” she said.

“They [producers] eventually called it off.”

Soon afterwards, Nicole says she left to stay at a friend’s place for the weekend, claiming she “didn’t feel safe.”

When she was asked to reveal more information, Nicole said: “I don’t know how much of that I’m allowed to say ... it wasn’t just me walking out after him having drinks with his friends.”

Keller has hit back at the claims saying “Nicole and her friends were a bit more ‘upper class’ than I am and they looked down on us, and my mates didn’t want a bar of it — they were disgusted,” he said.

“She left with them, and I stayed, but we had a bit of a falling out over it.”

Channel Nine have not commented on the speculation.

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