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Your First Look At The All New Aussie Geordie Shore Cast

Why Aye! One of our favourite reality TV shows, Geordie Shore, is heading back to our screens with their 17th season.

And not only will it be jam packed with some of the cast members that we know and love, a whole heap of drinking, necking on, fighting and drama, but this new season is set to be better than ever because it’s all happening DOWN UNDER!

Now this doesn’t just mean that the filming and partying will take place on Aussie shores like the last time the Geordie’s were in Oz. No, this time around it will be filled with some home-grown Aussies ready to tear up the Geordie Shore house!

Say hello to Alex, Chrysten, Dee and Nick, our Aussie representatives from arguably Australia’s biggest party city, the Gold Coast. Oh and also meet Alex and Grant who are the new radgies born and raised in the UK who will be thrown into the mix this season.

Now since these newbies have made it into the Geordie Shore house, one thing that we already know about them is that they must be MASSIVE partiers. But in order to find out more, we sent Intern Pete to the house on the Gold Coast for an exclusive catch up with the cast.

Pete asked the new Aussies how they managed to get on the show, how they found the partying lifestyle and whether being in the Geordie Shore house was at all like they expected.

He also asked the original cast members what they thought of the Aussies, and the consensus seemed to be that they all fit in really well!

But of course in true Intern Pete fashion, he also tried to play a trick on the cast by making up a piece of gossip and seeing how much information he could get out of each Radgie when he asked them about it.

We were surprised to find that unlike their mouths when alcohol is around, their lips remained mostly sealed! Although that might be because they were slightly confused…and who can blame them. Pete’s known for taking things to a whole new, weird level in interviews.

We can’t wait to see how the Aussies fit in with the Geordie Shore cast and see if they can keep up with the insane partying that we’ve come to know in every other season of the show.

Geordie Shore premiers on Wednesday 16th May at 9am and 9:30pm on MTV.

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