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Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Billions On Stan

Sound the alarm - Billions is BACK BABY!

Need a quick refresher on the previous few seasons before you start bingeing season 4? 

Here's a recap of EVERYTHING you need to know before sinking your teeth into the brand new season of Billions on Stan. *SPOILER ALERT!*

Starting from the top 

Going back to basics, the whole premise of the show is the crazy rivalry between two powerful New York high flyers, Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) and cashed-up hedge fund manager, Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Damian Lewis).

We've been so emotionally invested in this rivalry (ah spoiler alert...) or take-down, and the highs and lows that it took us on.

At the end of season 2, Chuck's entire trust is gone, but he has finally ruined Bobby.

Chuck is still feeling good about his long-term goal of running for New York State governor.

And we're sure you'll remember the part when Bobby vowed to ruin Chuck, no matter what it takes...

Wedding woes 

Will Bobby's marriage survive?

Well, Wendy, who's Chuck's estranged wife, and ALSO Bobby's right-hand gal, seems to be stuck in the middle of everything.

It looked like both Chuck and her wanted their marriage to work, but it also looked like Chuck's father had proof that Wendy slept with tech billionaire Craig Heidecker.




Season 3

Fast forward through to season 3, and the supporting cast became one of best things about the show. The likes of Wags, Ari Spyros, Dollar Bill, and new addition, Taylor Mason added a whole new level of drama.

The electric final moments show us Wendy, Chuck and Axe sharing drinks. These former enemies are planning just how they'll get back to the top and we cannot WAIT to see how they do it.

Or, if they can manage it.

The emotions we felt when that final scene faded to black, and the wait for season 4 began, were just as intense as the roller coaster ride that Billions had taken us on since day one. 


But now... the wait is over! 

Billions Season 4 will launch on Monday 18th, exclusively on Stan. You can watch every episode of Billions now before the brand new season premieres on Monday, only on Stan.


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