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Emma Bunton Reveals How The Spice Girls Got Their Nicknames

(Video courtesy of E News)

We've all been given nicknames throughout our younger years that seem to have stuck with us for a looooong time...and yes a lot of the time we weren't too pleased with how embarrassing they were.

After all they aren't necessarily something that we get to choose for ourselves...which often leads to the question, how did a certain nickname come about?

Well, it's finally been revealed exactly how the popular girl group, The Spice Girls, came to get their legendary nicknames that everyone was obsessed with and that inspired their entire persona.

(Yes they were the lucky ones who were actually blessed with good nicknames...)

Emma Bunton, who may be better known as her pop-singer alter ego, Baby Spice, was asked in an interview about her new show, Boy Band, exactly how the names for each girl in the pop group came about.

Apparently it was the genius of a pop magazine journalist who came up with the names that spiced up the girls lives, after taking in each of their different personalities and individuality.

And while, Emma said that she actually LOVED being known as the 'baby' of the group, she also revealed the type of spice that she would be if she could choose a name for herself.

Check out the full interview in the video above!

Source: E News

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