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Drake LOSES It On Stage After Hearing About Rihannas Hook Up

What a whirlwind year it's been for Drake and Rihanna!

After recently confessing his long-lasting love for Rihanna publicly at the MTV VMAs on August 28, we all fell in love with the couple we've been wishing would get together, forever.

The chemistry has been burning away for years, earlier this year Drake and Rihanna almost shared a kiss on stage and put on a slow grind dance for the crowd during Rihanna's Anti Tour in Miami, and just a month ago in early September they showed the crowd at Drakes Summer Sixteen tour their love with an on stage kiss!

But then, only a couple weeks ago we found out that Drake, 29, now has eyes for another girl, a hot 21yo Instagram model by the name of Dakota Gonzalez (pictured below).

Rihanna allegedly broke up with Drake when she found out, a source told Life & Style Weekly... "When Rihanna found out about Dakota, they had a blowout fight. She immediately told Drake that it's over. When Rihanna isn't at Drake's concerts, Dakota is often there by his side. It makes Rihanna furious. Rihanna was getting used to being Drake's one and only."

Now the tables have turned when Rihanna was caught sneaking Travis Scott into her hotel room recently.

And Drizzy isn't happy.

Only hours after RiRi’s reported booty call, Drake went on stage blasting 'other rappers' in a furious rant in front of his audience, watch below! (contains coarse language)

Drake can be heard shouting, "I don’t give a f**k about none of these other [singers.]". "Nobody can talk to me because I’m from the 6. I go over there by myself and I do it every single mother***ing time, boy."

The outburst erupted on stage on Oct. 8, according to Media TakeOut, which was hours after pics of Rihanna meeting up with Travis were published.

Drake didn't mention Travis Scott by name during his outburst but the timing makes it pretty clear he was angry about her 'hotline bling' booty call. Imagine if RiRi ends up getting back with Breezy, Drake might possibly explode!

What do you think? Did Drizzy have it coming since he was hooking up with other people anyway?

Source: HollywoodLife

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