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Disgruntled Married At First Sight Star Finds Love

While the experts on Married At First Sight may have bombed out this year, after all five couples chose to go their separate ways, it seems many of the past and present stars have decided to play match maker themselves. 

Earlier this month fans were shocked after Nicole Heir, who married fan favourite Craig Keller (who knew his name was Craig!!) was spotted getting cozy with last year’s villain, Jono Pitman.

Now, the tables have turned. Rumours are flying that Jonno’s ex Clare Verrall and Keller have hooked up. New Idea claim things are heating up between the reality TV stars, with Keller flying to Melbourne last week to visit 33-year-old Clare for her birthday. 

‘They are cute together. There is clear chemistry between them, anyone can see that,' a close friend of the pair told the Magazine. 


However, the source revealed it's still early days with both Clare and Keller keen not to rush into anything. The news comes after the dog lover was slammed by Married At First Sight star, Zoe Hendrix, who’s pregnant with her first child to Alex Garner. 

A week ago Clare took to social media to announce she was selling her wedding dress for charity, which appeared to outrage Zoe. The mum-to-be blasted the 33-year-old accusing her of 'slandering' her former husband. 


'Jono is not a bad guy, she wrote. 'I need to get this off my chest. Ok, so it didn't work out with his match for season 2 of MAFS and there are many reasons for that. He wasn't perfect but neither was she.’ she continued.

She then accused Clare of airing her exes dirty laundry in public, saying she’s met Jono and there’s some ‘interesting events that he has chose to keep private.’ 

'Would we think it was ok if the roles were reversed and a guy was constantly shaming or attaching his ex in this manner?’ she questioned. 


She then offered the reality star some advice, 'Instead of getting bitter why not get better? He's moved on and so should she.’

Ouch. We now eagerly await Keller’s response. If it’s anything like his dinner party outburst, social media is sure to see some fire works tonight. 

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