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Did You Notice What Was Wrong With Ludacris’ New Video?!

It seems Natasha from the ABC is not the only person out of a job today.

We’re sure whoever was in charge of airbrushing rapper Ludacris in his new video for ‘Vitamin D’ has been given the boot, too!

In the clip, a shirtless Luda is seen dancing, sporting abs that look as though they belong in The Sims.

Throughout the video though, when he’s not face-to-camera, it seems as though he shows off his real torso.

Inconsistency at an all time high!

But, the rapper seems to be laughing off the confusion and has responded to a number of his critics on Twitter. “I did a lot of sit ups for that,” he joked when a user tweeted

“Yo but why Ludacris six pack look like it was done at Sephora”.

He also joked about buying a fake chest plate from Amazon for $10. However, we’re still confused.

Is it meant to be a joke, or has he just been caught out?!

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