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Dessert King Adriano Zumbo At The Centre Of A Huge Scandal

He calls himself Australia’s Willy Wonka, but he is coming under fire after he has allegedly failed to pay his workers the correct wage.

According to A Current Affair, the company of former Masterchef star Zumbo has failed to pay his employees superannuation, and there also claims when he has paid it, he paid into accounts that don’t exist and fabricated the policy numbers.

A former worker of Zumbo’s company named Samantha said “It’s not fair,”

“How can you expect these amazing cakes to be produced?

“How can you expect the staff to love what they are doing if you are destroying everything they have.”

A Current Affair alleges that the superannuation accounts were named as ‘Host Plus’ but were fabricated and had numbers such as 123456789.

“On my pay slip, to Host Super, it says that my policy number is 123456789. and I’m being paid out of my pay every week,” Samantha said.

“There’s money being taken So where’s my money going?

Zumbo businesses fall under a company named 611 Pty Ltd and are fully owned by the star of Zumbo’s Just Desserts. They currently employ 200 people in Sydney and Melbourne.

A Current Affair confronted Zumbo about the allegations.

“It does seem strange,” he said.

“It’s the first I have heard of it.”

That brought a furious response from Samantha.

“I’m sorry but bulls***,” she said.

“Absolute bulls***.

“They have people in the office crying; you can’t claim ignorance.”

Following the report on A Current Affair, Zumbo released a statement saying that he is working to have all underpaid staff issues resolved by the end of the day.

The statement said ‘“In January 2017 a new overtime system was implemented by my business. As a result, some discrepancies were identified in the calculation, approval and payment of overtime to a limited number of staff,” the statement read.

“I have personally taken steps to rectify all back pay issues of which I am currently aware. “My expectation and intention are that all outstanding superannuation and the majority of outstanding overtime will be paid as of the close of business on 2 May 2017, with the remaining payments to be made over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours.

“I confirm that an audit of the payroll system of the business has been commenced and is ongoing.

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