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Delta Hits Back After Being Slammed On The Voice... AGAIN.

She certainly divides viewers on The Voice, but it seems Delta Goodrem doesn’t care what you think.

“…the criticism is all just water off a duck’s back because the reality of what I get to live with is very different,” she has told The Daily Telegraph.

“I have only the intention of making people’s day better and if someone has an intention that’s the opposite of that then that’s their problem.”

The comments come as Delta once again finds herself being targeted by fans of the show.

This time it’s over her response to contestant Liz Conde’s performance of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You in last night’s Blind Auditions.

“You know what, I don't want to bring down the mood (but) I feel like there's a little bit of instinct missing,” she said before later commenting, “Everything about that was my least favourite audition”.

While Seal was quick to grab the law student for his team, Delta confided she “really didn’t like it [the performance]”.

Despite Delta’s claim she was “as polite as can be on that one”, fans disagreed.

From - “Image that girl watches this and hears all those critiques”, “did you really need to go there”, “Dial down the shade already” and “Someone’s head is a bit too big for how famous they actually are”, they really didn’t hold back.

It has to make you wonder whether those viewers so quick to criticise realise they’re doing the same thing?

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