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Dane Swan Has Revealed The One Thing He Will NEVER Do

On Wednesday night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here the camp was faced with a challenge where they to answer controversial questions.

If their cast mates guessed their answer right, they would win a cupcake, but if they were wrong, the cupcake was drowned in vinegar.

Dane Swan had to answer the question, 'Would you pose completely nude for a gay magazine for $500,000?'

The others thought they knew the footballer well enough to guess that he would say yes to the question.

'Easy answer, yes. Of course, he would. Our answer is yes,' the team decided and guessed that Dane would pose for a gay magazine with or without the $500,000.

To the camera, however, Dane had a different answer, saying whole he may be tempted to do it, there was still not enough in it for him.

'Not before I came into the jungle, but now I've lost 14 kilos, you never know,' he said to the camera. 

But when he went back to camp, he revealed that he ‘obviously said no,’ to which he received a chorus of groans.

Dane's cupcake was instantly submerged in vinegar, and the footballer looked genuinely sad.  

'Bad luck, mate,' Steve Price offered and a miserable looking Dane answered, 'That's all right'.  

'My cupcake (being) drowned in vinegar was probably the saddest moment of being here, to be honest,' the  33-year-old confessed. 

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Ten.

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