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‘Controlled’ MAFS Wife's Behaviour After Being Bullied

Just a week ago, we were watching Married At First Sight bride Nadia sitting at a commitment ceremony, leaning into her groom Anthony.

However, when the race caller told the experts that she would be ‘the most likely one to move’ from Brisbane to Sydney, things took a turn for the couple.

During their final date, tensions starting to raise but at the final dinner party, we saw Nadia walk out to ‘regroup’ before she indirectly questioned her husband's sincerity.

At the start of the episode, Anthony had appeared to be very confident about his week away from Nadia, saying 'The relationship we've built, I think it will be fine,' he told producers. 

However, sitting in the car on the way to the final dinner party, Nadia’s unhappiness was impossible to ignore.

When Anthony started talking about the unique experience they have had together and said ‘would you rather be anywhere else,’ Nadia just rolled her eyes.

As Anthony’s behaviour continued to get worse and worse, Nadia ended up standing up and walking away from the group.

'I just needed to regroup,' she told producers from behind a closed door. 

 'I'm not going to be like "I'm great I'm great" while inside I'm dying. That's not who I am.' Once she returned to the group, Anthony persistently asked his wife if she was alright, which just infuriated her more.

The awkwardness continued when the pair sat down with the experts and talked about their feelings, with Nadia pretty much saying she wanted to hear him say ‘I love you,’ he instead went on a rave about his how important love is compared to his career.

'I came into this experiment with a career that I love, but I go home alone and so that only counts for so much and it's a lonely time. 

'Having someone to go home to is more important than a career,’ he said.

As yet, there is no response from Nadia about whether she is staying in the competition and the show continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Nine.

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