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Conor McGregor Has Been Arrested After UFC Bus Attack

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor has been arrested after he allegedly gatecrashed a UFC press conference and went on a rampage, inuring a rival. 

It is expected that McGregor will be charged with assault

Earlier today footage emerged of the moment that the 29-year-old allegedly attacked a shuttle bus carrying an array of UFC fighters from a media event in New York on Thursday.

It's believed that one rival has been left with facial injuries after McGregor allegedly threw an item through the side window of the bus in a car park at the Barclays Centre.

UFC president Dana White has claimed that UFC fighter Michael Chiesa has been hospitalised and is being treated for cuts on his face after the aggressive incident.

White has also said that an arrest warrant for McGregor has been released by New York Police after the Irish fighter and a group of 20 other men gatecrashed the UFC media event, but the police have reportedly said no charges have been filed.

“They got down to the loading docks where the fighters were getting on the buses and attacked them, throwing trash cans, dollies, things like that,” said White. “Broke one of the windows, cut Michael Chiesa real bad, cut his hand, cut his face. Rose Namajunas apparently was almost hit. She’s super upset right now and basically left and walked back to the hotel.

“And one of our employees - broke one of our employee’s knuckles. Other injuries, and obviously everybody’s shaken up when 30 thugs storm a (bus). This is the most disgusting thing that has happened in the history of the company.”

“There is a warrant out for Conor McGregor’s arrest,” added White. “They’re looking for him right now. His plane cannot take off, he can’t leave the state of New York. I’m assuming eventually he’ll turn himself in.”

White has also labelled this a terrible career move for McGregor and has said that he will likely face major legal action over the incident. As a result of his actions, White has said that the UFC will now strip 29-year-old McGregor of his lightweight title and it will instead be given to the winner of Saturday’s fight in New York between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway.

“No interim champ. When this fight is over, champion,” said White.

It is believed that the alleged assault on Thursday may have been sparked by an incident earlier this week which involved a close friend of McGregor’s and fellow UFC fighter Artem Lobov and a Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team.

At this point White is leaving the incident up to the police to handle but he has labelled the behaviour as “criminal, disgusting, despicable” and claims that “we as an organisation need to make sure that this never happens again.”

Hear more details on the Conor McGregor saga on Celeb HQ tonight from 7pm on KIIS. 

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