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Charlotte Crosby Just Let The WORST Tattoo EVER Happen On TV

We thought Geordie Shore's Kyle's design for then-girlfriend Holly Hagan was going to be the worst on this season of Just Tattoo Of Us but weren't we wrong.

In case you're not familiar with the show, co-hosts Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear invite couples - be they mates, romantically involved or family members - to their funky tattoo parlour, where they then have to get tatted up with a design of the other person's choice.

Step up Louise and Alicia, who claim to be best friends but who were out for some bizarre, unspoken revenge with each other's ink.


Yes, that is a hand pulling a bloody tampon on Louise's inner thigh.

What the ACTUAL f*ck, man?!

What was even more baffling was Louise's reaction, though, with the recent tatt victim telling Charlotte and Bear that she "thought it would be worse than what it is".

"You thought it would be worse than what it is?" a shocked Char asked. "You have a bloody tampon on your leg with a hand pulling it out of your vagina."

And then the reality sunk in.

"I can hide it, it's fine," Louise started to say, before changing her mind. "No it's not. Ugh. I don't even know what to say.

"I don't think I can [explain it to people]."

Oh, but Alicia can; Louise's worst best friend then revealed the ~meaning~ behind her design, telling a story no-one had ever heard before in front of a number of cameras.


"She went home with a really really ugly boy and she was on her period and she forgot she had a tampon in, so I had to assist with removing her tampon," Alicia attempted to explain.

"It was a competition, I knew she would do worse, well I thought she would do worse, and now I feel a little bit bad. 

"But it also reminds her that I help her."

Suddenly Kyle having his face tattooed on his ex-girlfriend's neck doesn't seem so bad.

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