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Charlotte Crosby Is Getting Her OWN Reality TV Show

Fans of Geordie Shore everywhere shed a little tear when we heard that Charlotte Crosby would be leaving the reality tv show.

While we’ve seen a great deal of Char since then after launching her own fitness DVD, fashion range, make up line and even co-hosting the MTV series Just Tattoo Of Us, it just wasn’t the same as getting an intimate glimpse into her drunken antics.

But we don’t need to feel pied off anymore because something proper mint is coming to our TV screens…Charlotte Crosby is getting her very own reality TV series called The Charlotte Show.


We’re being promised to be shown more of Charlotte’s life than ever before as the series gives fans unfiltered access to her personal life including her family, friends, relationships and hectic work/social schedule.

The Charlotte Show will premiere on Thursday March 29 at 6pm on MTV and we’re literally BUZZIN’ to see it!

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