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This app lets you order personalised shoutouts from celebs

Want a video of Draco Malfoy telling your ex he’s a filthy mudblood? That can definitely happen now thanks to this nifty new app.

Cue: Cameo, an app designed to bring you closer to your favourite celebrity – for about 15 seconds. Cameo lets you request a personalised video message, delivered by one of the 2000 celebrities on the app’s website.

The list includes some pretty decent names like Mischa Barton, Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin, Nancy Cartwright, and Tom Felton, plus a handful of YouTubers, reality show contestants, housewives, musicians and Instagram stars you might not know about, but someone else definitely does. 

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Once you’ve figured out what you want to say, you can even include specific instructions for the celeb, like asking Lance Bass to sing “Bye bye bye” to your best friend who’s going to Europe, for instance. 

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Prices for a shoutout vary. A message from a Teen Mom Star will cost you around $10, while a message from NBA icon Dennis Rodman will have you forking out around $1000.

So if anyone’s thinking of what to get their KK for Christmas, this could be the answer. 

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