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Bride and Prejudice's Courtney Slams The Show After Break-Up

Courtney Cole and her fiance Brad had the world’s most dramatic argument on Monday night’s episode of Bride and Prejudice, causing him to call off their upcoming wedding.

18-year-old Courtney has now taken to Instagram to slam the show, saying it was all a ‘set up’.

The outspoken blonde has told fans that she and Brad, 20, were just 'two young kids manipulated' by Channel Seven producers and claimed their fight was heavily edited.’

'Tune into the web of lies spun by a setup TV show,' she wrote on Instagram alongside a glamorous selfie.

Tune into the web of lies spun by a set up TV show 😜

A post shared by Courtney Cole (@courtneycole_) on

Last night fans of the show witnessed their dramatic breakup on the show following Courtney’s decision to check up on Bad during his bucks party.

Courtney flipped after hearing ‘other girls in the background’ and marched down to the club, where Brad wasn’t having any of her argumentive streaks.

He demanded she told him why ‘you come and try and catch me out?” before Courtney said “I came here to check it was a rooftop bar,” she said.

“We went to a pub,” Brad said,

“It wasn’t,” Courtney argued, “it was a rooftop bar”.

“Why did you come here then?” Brad asked, not quite understanding Courtney’s issue. “To get proof,” she said, unconvincingly, “to get proof that it’s a rooftop bar”.

It continued to be even more ridiculous with Courtney grabbing her phone to google the venue, which she then said is a ‘rooftop cocktail bar.’

Brad rightly responded, “That’s a pub!” Brad yelled.

“It’s not, Brad!” Courtney replied.

At this stage, Brad realised that he would be in a lifetime of pain if he went through with the wedding so told her ‘We seriously need to split ways. We are done, I can’t do this anymore Courtney. If you don’t trust me still, through five years ...”

Courtney instantly realised what was going on and cracked it again, saying “Do you realise what you just did?” she asked, “you just broke up with me on camera.”

And then it was spelt out; Brad replied “The marriage is off,” he declared, “I’m not getting married to you anymore.”

This is all INSANE and continues next Monday on Channel 7.

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