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Brand New 'Billions' Inspired Kyle & Jackie O To Do THIS

Kyle & Jackie O have watched the new season of billions - And THIS Is What It Made Them Do!

There are two things Kyle & Jackie O both excel at: making radio, and binge-watching TV shows. 

One of their favourite shows, Billions, is back for a new season, streaming exclusively on Stan. In a surprising twist that is bound to make season 4 unlike any other, longtime rivals will put their hostility aside and join forces to bring down common enemies. 

Not already on the 'Billions' bandwagon? CLICK HERE to get up to speed!

Now, it's no secret that Kyle has his fair share of celebrity feuds. But the new Billions has inspired us to try make good with the people he hates.

Introducing: Kyle & Jackie O's Bounty Hunter! 

All week, we'll be attempting to reconcile some of Kyle's deep-rooted grudges...

But, where do we even begin?! 

For one, who could forget his unwavering hatred for Rove McManus?! 

 It's going to be a BIG week guys...

Billions Season 4 launches TODAY, exclusively on Stan.

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