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Bindi Speaks Out About Estranged Relationship With Granddad

Bindi Irwin seems as though she always has something to smile about.

She has a loving mother, wonderful brother and is coming into her own as a young woman.

She even has a Dancing With The Stars win under her belt - and life is pretty sweet right now.

However, since the loss of her loving dad, Steve Irwin, in 2006 - a huge part of Bindi’s life has never been the same - and it wasn’t just her dad she lost.

Bindi has now revealed that she has an increasingly strained relationship with Steve’s dad, Bob, who has previously spoken out about his struggle to cope after Steve was fatally struck by a stingray.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday evening, Bindi claims her grandfather became reclusive in the years following his death.

'Everyone deals with grief differently,' she said. 'When my dad passed away he chose to distance himself from everything that dad loved the most.

'At the moment we’re really just respecting his wishes because he hasn’t had anything to do with us for a long time and he decided his own path. That’s important so good for him.'

Bindi claims her grandfather, who still operates the Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation having retired from Australia Zoo in 1992, has even rejected well meaning gifts from the family.

'There was one year where we sent birthday presents to him and he opened them up and he sent them back,' she recalled.

Bob has previously told the Herald Sun that he is not on speaking terms with his grandchildren.

Though he did not going into the finer details, the 76-year-old said that he is still proud of what his 17-year-old granddaughter has achieved.

'It’s sad but it’s just the way things are,' he said.

When asked if his late son would have wanted for the family to reunite, he replied: 'Yes he would probably, but life's a b**** sometimes.'

Source: Daily Mail

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