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Courtney Slams Georgia For ‘Grand Expectations"

If you watched the Bachelorette last night, no doubt you cringed your way though, or fought back tears.

After a disastrous home visit, where Georgia was miffed by Courtney Dober’s inability to commit himself to her, the pair sat down at the cocktail party to see where they were at.

'If you're asking me do I think I can tell you that I love you at the end of this... I don't know,' Courtney admitted.

Tearfully, Georgia responded: 'I don't think it's enough... I can't keep doing it to myself. I need to be true to what I came in here for and what I wholeheartedly believe I can and will find at the end of this.' 'So I don't really see...any point in having a Rose Ceremony tonight,' she concluded, adding: 'I think you should go now.'

With that, Courtney got up and exited without saying a word - leaving Georgia fighting back tears. Now, newly-eliminated Courtney has spoken out about the failed romance, telling the Daily Telegraph that he struggled to fall in love with her after just three dates.

'I just couldn't fall in love in that time,' he said.

'I was getting there and I would have loved to spend more time with her to see where it goes, and I told her multiple times I wish I met her on the outside world ... but I am not someone who falls in love within three dates,' he went on.

Heart. Broken.

Source: Daily Mail

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