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Baby Renesmee From Twilight Is All Grown UP!

In terms of vampire/hybrid babies, Renesmee Cullen - daughter of Twilight's Bella and Edward - is defs our favourite.

You'll probably remember her as that creepy CGI baby, who, in like, 3 days became a fully-grown child, who was then destined to marry Taylor Lautner's character Jacob.



So what does sweet 'lil Nessie look like now? In Breaking Dawn: Part 2, 10-year-old model/actress Mackenzie Foy, took on the huge role. Back then, as a little girl she was ridic pretty and now, she's even more of a babe. 

Five years after the Twilight saga ended, Mackenzie, now 16, has had quite the career. She's booked roles in Interstellar and The Conjuring; and she's also reportedly set to star in sci-fi action movie The Great Wall sometime next year.

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She was recently seen at this year's Cannes Film Festival, promoting her animated movie adaptation of The Little Prince, and will also be starring in Disney's upcoming remake of The Nutcracker.

We gotta admit, she really does look like Robert Pattinson's and Kristen Stewart's daughter, tho.

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