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Aysha Mehajer Seen In Public For The First Time Since Split

Ever since Salim Mehajer and his Aysha Learmonth wife had their elaborate wedding that caused a Sydney street to shut down, they’ve been thrust into the spotlight.

Unsurprisingly to some, the couple started to show cracks in their relationship within a year of being married, and they split up not long after.

After that, a video of Salim screaming down the line at Aysha, threatening her family - and the couple’s fate was sealed.

Now, Aysha, who is rumoured to have an AVO against her estranged husband, has come out of hiding and is being photographed again.

She recently celebrated her 31st birthday at Salt Meat Cheese in Ultimo this week; the first time she’s been seen since their split.

There was speculation the beautician and Mehajer had reconciled after a bizarre Instagram post on her account in January, but on Wednesday night Ms Learmonth said there was ‘no confusion’ about the fact the couple had split.

Aysha was also asked if she had spoken to Mehajer but only replied with: 'Have you?'

Source: Daily Mail

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