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Australia Was Not Impressed With This Awkward MAFS Moment

Married at First Sight twins Sharon and Michelle have felt the wrath on social media following the way they revealed their feelings to Nick and Jesse in the show's finale.

The twins from Perth had viewers on the edge of their seats on Tuesday night’s finale, as they decided their futures with the two grooms.

Jesse poured his heart out to Michelle in a beachside setting before she spent four minutes decided that they should continue their relationship as 'as the friendship that it is'.

Viewers were quick to defend Jesse, saying they thought Michelle was on the show just get to famous.

'Can't believe Michelle took this long to tell Jesse the truth... the quest for #fame is shameless,' one Twitter user wrote.

Another wrote: 'Now that the show's over, Michelle FINALLY leaves. Leaving at the end bc, she's not going to be on TV anymore.'

Earlier in the episode, we thought that Sharon and Nick were also going to end as she spoke about her concerns about him, bringing up his party boy lifestyle.

However, she then told him how she had an ‘eye opening week’ with him and he ‘had her heart.’

Nick was left stunned and shouted ‘you tricked me, 'I was freaking out, I was starting to shake going "oh no she's going to leave me". I can't get over it; you tricked me.'  

Viewers didn’t like that reveal either, saying 'WTF Sharon, way to the wind up the poor guy', while another commented: 'What a hilarious joke Sharon. To make someone feel ditched on national television. So funny, oh stop, my sides.'

Married At First Sight continues on Sunday night at 7 PM.

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