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Australia Turns On MAFS Andrew

It’s all kicking off on Married At First Sight.

Last night, we saw Andrew, 38, wanting to leave the competition but his second wife Cheryl decided she wanted to stay.

The couple were then sent to separate nights, with the boys and girls left in the experiment being sent to spend time together.

It ended up with everyone discussing their feelings towards each other, and when Andrew was asked if he thought he was a better match with Lauren, the bride who ran away from him, or Cheryl, he chose Lauren.

'Lauren, she had a lot going on,' he said.

'Lauren had a chance to come back, and I knocked it. Yeh, thinking things couldn't get worse.

'Lauren is heaps more fun to hang out with than Cheryl.'

When the question was posed to Andrew if he was taken or single, he was adamant.  'Nah, I'm single,' Andrew said.

Earlier in the night, Andrew was asked when he was talking to Cheryl what he was making eye contact with.

He said ‘the eyes of course’ before he made a rude gesture to Simon and Sean.

The firefighter also alluded to the 13 year age difference between Cheryl and himself.

'I'm the oldest one with the youngest one. It was always going to work,' Andrew said sarcastically over beers and a KFC meal with the boys.

'Hair extensions. The Kardashians... It's a funny thing. If I talk, I get shut down pretty quick. It's either like a [gestures]: "I dunno" or it's like a genuine: "Yeah". 

'But when she talks I try and jump in and make it a conversation. But she talks super quick; she drives as she talks… Lalalala,' Andrew said.

The most shocking moment came when he said that he didn’t think Cheryl could even hold a conversation, let alone be affectionate.

'You talk about affection being too much? A conversation seems too much for Cheryl!,' he exclaimed,

The conversation then moved on quickly, with Andrew saying ’Anyway let's talk about everyone else's marriages, slash partnerships, slash 'my wife left me on my first night', slash I'm in separate rooms to my partner,' he said to some laughter.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel Nine.

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