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Apparently Anthony Wants To Move On With ANOTHER MAFS Bride

He may have been criticised for being a ‘bully’ towards Cheryl in this series of Married At First Sight, but it appears Anthony may well have changed his mind.

A source has told Woman’s Day that ‘Although he'd never admit it, he fancied her as soon as he laid eyes on her, which is why he's been so critical of her,'

Earlier this month, we saw Anthony launch an explosive attack on Cheryl after she returned to the show with current partner Andrew, 38.

'Putting yourself into this position, though, where you're having a second time round. You've gotta get it right,' Anthony told Cheryl at the group dinner party.

'You'll look like a f***ing idiot if you get it wrong.' 

We may well be coming to the end of Anthony and Nadia as well, with the groom raising eyebrows after he labelled his wife frigid in front of everyone.

'I'm just trying to work out the boundaries, and there have been times where for lack of a better term you've been frigid,' Anthony explained to Nadia in front of the experts.

'Don't say that in front of people – that's embarrassing!' Nadia retorted.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel Nine.

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