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Another Of The MAFS Couple Are Still Together

Married At First Sight bride Nadia has opened up about her TV husband Anthony and claims that she is ‘frigid.’

The bride has admitted that she thinks there is ‘definitely chemistry with Anthony, but I think that is developing,' she reveals in Thursday's issue of OK! magazine. 

She has added that the couple is getting to know 'each other's boundaries' and 'made the decision not to rush'. 

'I'm not huge on PDAs, and I feel like I'm a person who likes to evolve naturally,' the model tells the publication.

The comments come just days after fans of the show saw Anthony telling producers that his TV bride had become ‘frigid’.

Anthony, 33, had previously complained to the camera that the couple were not as close physically as he would have liked.

'We've had problems with intimacy,' he told producers. 

It looks like the couple is still together and enjoying each other company.. which truly shocks us, to be honest!

Married At First Sight continues on Channel Nine on Sunday evening.

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