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Married At First Sight Couple Have Had To Admit Split!

Married at First Sight Couple Anthony and Nadia are the couple that nobody expected to stay together but they managed to for the entire length of the season.

But it seems it was not meant to be at all, with Nadia revealing that Anthony dumped her less than 24 hours after the cameras finished filming the season.

The other contestants from the show were questioning Nadia about her relationship on last night's show, but the bride has revealed that ‘’everything was all good. Everything was quite normal. And then we did a catch-up, and the catch up was fine, but I did notice a bit of a difference [in Anthony],'

Then I came back to Sydney, and as soon as the cameras stopped rolling he dropped me like a hotcake... he had just dragged me along.

'We renewed our marriage vows, and he told me he wanted to be with me. He told me to move to Sydney. He told me to have faith. The next day he said "My feelings haven’t grown for you I can't do this"... he just completely went cold.'

Anthony was then no longer anywhere to be seen.

He then rocked up to the reunion dinner after everyone else and instead of being friendly, he ‘headbutted me to say hi like he did everyone around the table. There was nothing warm about it, it was rehearsed and empty,' Nadia said.

'I don’t even want to look; it's like roadkill. I just don't want to look.'

Halfway through the dinner, Anthony then apologised to Nadia, saying 'Hey I just want to say that I'm sorry - now that I have got the opportunity- that things didn't work out between us. And I just want to thank you for having my back and being supportive and being there the whole way through,'

Nadia said that she was left hurt by the whole experience and believes he only said sorry ‘ because the cameras are rolling.’

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel Nine.

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