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Angelina Jolie DEMANDS Brad Pitt Has ‘Monitored Visitation’

We’re not sure what Brad Pitt has done to upset Angelina Jolie so much, but it seems he’s not getting cut any breaks when it comes to the kids.

She’s reportedly planning to restrict Brad’s access to their children to ‘monitored visitation’.

Sources close to the Hollywood actress told TMZ that she is prepared to fight him over his request for joint custody, which he filed on Friday.

TMZ claims she will insist on keeping primary custody ‘until he gets his s**t together’.


Supervised visitation is thought to be granted in cases of 'high conflict or high risk situations' when children can be only accessed 'in a safe and supervised environment'.

The mum-of-six is reportedly still blaming Brad's alleged 'substance abuse and anger issues' that she says he needs to work on.

Currently, estranged spouse Angelina has temporary physical custody and Brad has volunteered to have a visit with them while a therapist sits beside them.

After that, the therapist can judge whether he needs further monitoring.

It is believed that the DCFS will be updated on these meetings.

Both Jolie and Pitt will get counseling, and the entire family - both parents and children - will get therapy together.

Source: Daily Mail

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