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Amy Schumer SCREAMS Back At Animal Fur Protestors

There were BIG dramas at Amy Schumer’s recent book signing at Barnes & Noble in NYC.

Fur protestors crashed the event because Schumer had sported fur and began chanting and being disruptive in the middle of her event.

The group were obviously pissed off because Schumer wore a coat this past winter made by Canada Goose - a company the protestors claim engages in animal cruelty, according to a report on TMZ.

Amy first tries to calm them down by being playful, but they failed to back down. Security eventually tossed them out, but not before they made quite the scene.

A rep for Schumer tells TMZ the whole thing was unfortunate, especially since the protesters didn't hear her out.

The rep says Amy got the jacket as a gift, and once she learned about allegations Canada Goose harms animals, hasn't worn it since.

Source: TMZ

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