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Amy From MKR Has Finally Responded To That 'Sl** Jibe

My Kitchen Rules star has hit out at ‘seafood king’ Josh Meeuwissen after he called her a ‘sl*t’ on Wednesday night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, she said Josh crossed the line with that comment. He didn't use very good judgment.

'We all know that Josh is a bit of a shit-stirrer and likes to get reactions out of people by saying things he probably shouldn't. But that comment was taking it too far.' 

She continued to say 'To have him say that was quite upsetting.'

However, she went on to reveal that Josh did apologise and she had accepted it because it was ‘sincere.

Josh has also spoken out about his slur, saying I totally understand I didn't use my best judgment, it's in the past now. Amy and I are still friends,'

He continued to say 'I was shocked that they said they were going to show that comment'. 

My Kitchen Rule continues on Sunday night at 7 PM on Channel 7.

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