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A Leaked Photo Has Revealed How Married At First Sight Ends

Australia is hooked to Married At First Sight this year, it has beaten MKR in the ratings for the first time ever and it’s lead to intense speculation about the contestants.

A recent Instagram post by groom Andrew Jones, however, seems to have given everything away about the show.

In a photo, posted by Mamamia, Cheryl, Alene, Anthony and Susan absent, leading fans to guess that four of the show's couples are no longer together.


Andrew was verbally abused by his second wife Cheryl’s father on Tuesday night, with him being told to 'Get the f*** out of the house and get ready' after he didn’t turn up in a collared shirt.

Cheryl’s Dad Hamish continued to say. 'He's not suitable for my daughter. It's not going to happen, it's not meant to be,' Hamish later said. 'If I can come between these guys, I'm going to break them up for sure.' 

Andrew later confided about the abuse to twins Sharon and Michelle, revealing that they are now living apart.

Sean Andrew, Simon and Nadia have also appeared solo in the photo, with Nadia’s wedding ring also missing.

Nadia’s missing ring may please some fans of the show, who have slammed her TV husband Anthony for his treatment of her on social media.

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